Easy Weight Loss By Tropical Travel

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If you want to lose weight without changes in diet or increase in exercise, there is an easy way. If you like warm weather, this approach will definitely appeal to you. If you go to the equator, you will weigh less than anywhere else on earth.

Since the Earth is constantly spinning, its centrifugal force is at its maximum at the equator. Conversely, centrifugal force disappears at the North Pole and the South Pole. Since your weight is measured by the pull of your body toward the center of the Earth and centrifugal force effectively is attempting to hurl you off of the planet, it will also serve to lift you off of the bathroom scales.

How much will the equator help you reach your New Year’s resolution of dropping ten pounds? The effective acceleration of gravity at the poles is 980.665 cm/sec/sec while at the equator it is 3.39 cm/sec/sec less due to the centrifugal force. If you weighed 100 pounds at the north pole, at the equator you would weigh 99.65 pounds, having shed a whopping 5.5 ounces simply because of your change of location.

Since the equator is known for its warm temperatures, you can strut around in your swimsuit with confidence, while silently thanking the Earth’s rotation for your new, buff physique.

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