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What Do Disney and the Pentagon Have in Common?

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The Disney theme parks are billed as being the most magical places on earth. Millions of visitors flock to the parks each year to escape from the cares of everyday life. In stark contrast is the Pentagon. It stands as the focal point for the defense of the Free World. Access to its facilities is extremely limited and is reserved for those who spend their waking hours preserving peace by planning for war. On the surface, the two institutions could not be more dissimilar, yet there is one distinct area of commonality that unites them.

There are twelve Disney resorts around the world, generating nightly fireworks spectacles. These pyrotechnic displays go well beyond the Fourth of July backyard shows of the typical American home. Whereas the average American family spends $100 per year on fireworks, Disney productions cost $41,000-$55,000 per show. All told, Disney spends over $50 million per year on fireworks and pyrotechnic effects.

No other commercial enterprise comes close to purchasing or using Disney’s fireworks arsenal. In terms of explosives, only the Pentagon expends a greater budget than the Magic Kingdom.

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