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What’s the Buzz About the McDonald’s Built for Bees?

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Those who follow the news about fast food, architecture, and apiology were all abuzz with a development that was as sweet as honey. Sweden recently opened the doors to the world’s smallest McDonald’s. It is not only the tiniest, but it is also the most exclusive in terms of clientele: it only serves bees.

Outwardly, the tiny scale model of a McDonald’s fast-food restaurant looks like the real thing. It has a patio, outdoor seating, two drive-thru windows, and all the advertising that normally appears on the windows.

Inside, it’s a different story. A colony of bees can live between several hive frames that can hold honeycomb. Known as “McHive,” the bee sanctuary comes out of a practice already in place in many of Sweden’s restaurants of putting beehives and wildflowers on their roofs. They do this in hopes of reversing the declining bee population.

The McHive was sold at auction for $10,000 on World Bee Day, (May 20), 2019. All proceeds went to Ronald McDonald House charities.

See how McHive was built in the video below:

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