5 Fun Facts About Pancakes and Shrove Tuesday

If you were eagerly looking for something on these pages about Pancake Day on February 16, we’re sorry to disappoint you. We typically celebrate such momentous occasions quietly at home with the family. Thankfully, The Strawberry Post has already done the work for us in this well-written piece about the history of Pancake Day, also known as Shrove Tuesday.


The Strawberry Post

It’s Shrove Tuesday today, the last day before lent in the Christian religion and for many, whether religious or not, that means eating pancakes!  Eating pancakes has become a tradition at this time of year and I’ve been known to eat quite a few savoury and sweet pancakes during this day ever year.  Hhowever did you know that there are some interesting facts and history around pancakes and Shrove Tuesday?  In fact the history of this delicious flat fried cake goes furthur back into the past than even I realised.  So why not read on and find out some of the interesting things I learned about this special day. 🙂

Shrove/Shrive Tuesday

The word shrove is the past tense of the word shrive which means to go to church and absolve yourself of all your sins.  Although this was originally meant to be a period of reflection, it soon became…

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