Survival Skills for Z-Day


Experts note that to survive a zombie attack:

1. Do not take shelter in a vehicle in which you do not have the keys;

2. Do not leave weapons out for zombies to find:

3. Do not give your only weapon to a hysterical person;

4. Do not retreat to your basement without supplies;

5. Do not get surrounded by zombies, especially in an elevator; and

6. Do not let personal emotions and anger impede survival.

What is the U.S. Government Plan for Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse?

If you are a reasonably well-informed person (which you obviously are, since you read Commonplace Fun Facts), you know that the U.S. government has plans for just about everything. These contingencies range from the plan for making sure you pay your taxes after a nuclear war to NORAD’s annual public service of tracking the location…

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The Forgotten Zombie Epidemic of the 20th Century

Have you heard about the strange, horrifying, and unstoppable malady that gripped the planet? Hundreds of thousands lost their lives, and they were the lucky ones. Those who survived remained as hollow shells of their former selves. Zombie-like, they lost all the feelings of life and were condemned to live out their days trapped in…

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Mind-Controlled Spiders and Zombie Ants

The influence happens so slowly that she isn’t even aware of her loss of free will. As the invading alien inside her grows and develops, it gradually assumes more and more control, until the host is nothing more than a mindless, zombie-like shell, obeying the orders of her parasitic controller. No, this is not the…

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