I Know Who I Am


Roy Rogers (left), Ronald Reagan (center), and Ray Milland (right)

Ronald Reagan had been successful in motion pictures and television, but he still struggled with name recognition when he was campaigning for President in 1976.

His campaign managers had him going door-to-door in Texas, seeking votes. At one house a gentleman answered the door, and Reagan told him he was running for President and would appreciate his vote. Since he had been such a big movie star and had just finished two terms as Governor of California, he was a little surprised when he asked him what he did for a living. He told him he had been an actor. Reagan was even more surprised when the guy asked him what his name was. The future President thought, “Maybe if I give him a little hint, that will help,” so he told him that his initials were “R.R.” With that, the gentleman’s face lit up, and he ran back in the house, yelling, “Ma, Ma, come out here quick! Roy Rogers is outside!”  (source)

A couple of years later Reagan was walking along a street with long-time aide Michael Deaver. A gentleman approached Reagan and said, “I know you! You’re Ray Milland! Can I have your autograph?” Deaver watched as Reagan took the offered pen and paper and signed, “Ray Milland”.

Astonished, Deaver asked his boss, “Why didn’t you tell him who you were?” Reagan smiled and said, “I know who I am. He wanted to meet Ray Milland.” (source)

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