Accomplishments and Records

Let it Snow … And Snow … And Snow

most snow in one day

The record for the most snow to fall in one day occurred on April 14, 1921, in Silver Lake, Colorado.

The storm began at 2:30 pm, and by the same time the next day, residents were buried under 6.5 feet (2 meters) of snow.

The storm did not stop after 24 hours, however. It raged for a total of 32.5 hours, and by the time it was over, 8 feet (2.5 meters) of snow, which is the record for one continuous snowfall.


The Wizard of Oz Snow was Pure Asbestos

In the 1939 classic film The Wizard of Oz, Scarecrow is mortally afraid of fire. Ironically, fire should have been the least of his concerns. Scarecrow’s costume, as well as one of the most iconic scenes of the movie, were fireproof because of asbestos.

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Royal Right to Summer Snowballs

As has been previously noted in articles such as this one, the real estate agreements involving the British royal family can be a bit outdated or unusual. None, however, can surpass the obligations placed upon Scotland’s Clan Munro.

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  1. And to think I thought our record breaking snowfall of 110 inches last year was amazing? Worst of all . . . I hate snow! I am a disgrace to my French Canadian heritage . . . .I like palm trees and and temps in the 90’s! LOL

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