McWeird Flavor

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In an effort to get kids to eat their vegetables, the world’s largest fast-food chain launched a daring experiment: bubble gum-flavored broccoli.

McDonald’s restaurants briefly offered this strange-flavored attraction to their menu. The experiment, alas, was unsuccessful. McDonald’s CEO Don Thompson said kids were confused by the taste, so it was cut from restaurants’ offerings.

How A Fast-Food Phenomenon Was Started As a Service to Servicemen

The soldiers at Fort Huachuca had a problem. Their duties frequently had them traveling off base at meal times, and it was hard to get a good meal.

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What’s the Buzz About the McDonald’s Built for Bees?

Those who follow the news about fast food, architecture, and apiology were all abuzz with a development that was as sweet as honey. Sweden recently opened the doors to the world’s smallest McDonald’s. It is not only the tiniest, but it is also the most exclusive in terms of clientele: it only serves bees.

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This Weatherman Has Always Been Clowning Around

Willard Scott is known and loved by millions as the fun-loving weatherman of The Today Show from 1980 until his retirement in 2015. Before becoming known as America’s meteorologist, Scott was instrumental in the development of another iconic character. From 1963 to 1966, Scott was the original Ronald McDonald, the mascot for McDonald’s restaurants.

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