Accomplishments and Records

Won’t You Be My Colorful Neighbor?

Fred Rogers of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood had a colorful career and a colorful honor to go with it. In 1996 he was honored by the Binney & Smith factory in Easton, Pennsylvania when he was chosen to pour the 100 billionth Crayola crayon.

The special crayon was created in the limited-edition color Blue Ribbon. The commemorative replica of the crayon can be found at the Fred Rogers Archive in Latrobe, Pennsylvania.

Does Pink Purposefully Prevent Prisoners From Pummeling People?

When you see the color pink, you might think about any number of things: the panther nemesis of Inspector Clouseau, Floyd’s first name, the last name of Clara Oswald’s boyfriend in Doctor Who, or the strangely-colored poop pandemic that had its origins in breakfast cereal. Whatever you think of is not nearly as important as…

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How To See Impossible Colors

This is an article about colors, written by a person who is colorblind. Impossible, you say? So did this writer. In the course of protesting this assignment, however, it was pointed out that this writer frequently writes about topics that are utterly beyond his comprehension such as quantum physics, sports, and friendship. That being the…

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