Want to Rent An Entire Country?

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People are used to using Airbnb for renting a room or a house for a few nights away from home. If you need a little more space — or perhaps you just want a taste of the exotic — you can also use the service to rent an entire nation. If you have $70,000 in your budget, you might consider renting out the Principality of Liechtenstein.

Through a promotional arrangement between Airbnb and Liechtenstein-based event production and marketing company Rent a Village by Xnet, the tiny European country is available for the getaway weekend you will never forget. The nation’s land area is 61.7 square miles and has a population of slightly more than 35,000 inhabitants. There is still plenty of room for guests, however. The promoters of the rent-a-nation concept say that Liechtenstein can accommodate between 450 and 900 people with over 500 available bedrooms and bathrooms.

The cost of $70,000 per night requires a minimum of two nights’ rental, payable in advance. The cancellation policy allows for a 50% refund up to thirty days before the scheduled arrival. After that, no refund is permitted.

Upon your arrival, you will have the opportunity to do more than simply drink in the beautiful scenery. The rental package includes options for renaming the streets, printing temporary currency, hosting a medieval festival, and watching fireworks from the Prince’s estate. As you can imagine, renting an entire nation is not as simple as clicking a button on a website. Arrangements have to be worked out through the organizing office.

If you are intrigued but can’t come up with $70,000 for each of the required two nights, you might set your sights on renting something a little less grand than a nation. Rent A Village also offers rental of six Austrian villages, three German towns, and one Swiss ski-resort. One night’s rental of the Austrian village of Alpbach will set you back $65,000. It has more than 300 bedrooms and bathrooms, making it more affordable than Liechtenstein, but admittedly less impressive. To make up for the lowered prestige, however, the municipality you rent will be renamed in your honor during your stay, and you will receive the keys the city from the mayor in a ceremony featuring a brass band.

If you just want the surroundings of royalty without actually having a country to rule, you could settle for renting a castle in Ireland for less than $200 per night. You can also rent an entire island and declare yourself monarch of all you survey.

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