Ultracrepidarian: A Person Who Speaks Beyond Expertise

All of us know at least one person who loves to pontificate about things outside his or her expertise. Now we know what to call that annoying person.



The only thing worse than receiving criticism on a piece of your work is when that person doing the criticizing has no idea what they are talking about. I personally find this sort of situation occurs whenever I ask my parents’ advice on my papers and essays I write in university. Perhaps it is because times have changed, or because I am enrolled in a fairly new faculty of university studies, but I always find that when I go looking for assistance from my parents, it usually results in me teaching them a lesson about the subject and no real progress made to my paper beyond grammatical mistakes. As times change, people change, traditions change. That may be why the longer you live, the more likely it is you will encounter people who judge you without any knowledge of how or why you’ve made the decisions you’ve made. Some may…

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