On July 27 Take Your Pants For a Walk

July 27 Take Your Pants For a Walk day

Getting up and taking a walk is one of the best ways to improve your health. It burns calories, sharpens the mind, and strengthens bones. When walking, it is generally a good idea to observe some best practices, such as avoiding traffic, staying indoors during thunderstorms, and always wearing pants.

If you have difficulty with the last item, July 27 is a day for you. That is the date on which the United States observes “National Take Your Pants For a Walk Day.”

The origins of this annual event remain clouded in obscurity. It seems to be for the purpose of encouraging exercise, but it has the added requirement of taking your walk with pants.

Admittedly, the rules on this cultural phenomenon are less than concrete. We choose to believe the best way to celebrate the holiday is to double-check that you have your pants on before you walk out the door. Strictly speaking, however, one could technically fulfill the mandate by having a pair of pants on hand during the walk. Until the Supreme Court chimes in and settles the matter, however, please do us a favor and give those pants and your legs an equal amount of exercise.

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