Personal Descriptions and Insults

Fairies Intervene to Keep Churchill Humble

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Stanley Baldwin (left) and Winston Churchill (right)

“When Winston [Churchill] was born, lots of fairies swooped down on his cradle with gifts–imagination, eloquence, industry, ability–and then came a fairy who said ‘No one person has a right to so many gifts,’ picked him up and gave him such a shake and twist that with all these gifts he was denied judgment and wisdom.”

— Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin in 1936

When Churchill Got His Foot Caught on a Dangling Preposition

Few people have ever commanded such a mastery of the English language as Winston Churchill. He labored over his speeches and writing, carefully selecting just the right words in just the right order to accomplish their intended purpose. Once he settled on the way to express his thoughts, he did not take kindly to anyone’s…

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Harry and Bess Truman: A Love Story

In an era of political scandals, it is refreshing and reassuring to see a couple whose love for each other was unscathed, even through the most tumultuous of times. Such is the example of Harry and Bess Truman.

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Churchill and the French Bathing Llama

Winston Churchill and Charles de Gaulle were far from being close friends. When the French general got on the Prime Minister’s nerves, he wasn’t reluctant to express his irritation in the form of a scathing putdown. On one occasion he said of de Gaulle, “He looks like a female llama who has just been surprised…

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