Accomplishments and Records

Aspiration, Preparation, Realization

It doesn’t take a lot of sleuthing to figure out that we love presidential history here at Commonplace Fun Facts. That’s why we always make a point to read Presidential History by Albert Savignano, Jr.

If you want a sample of the informative articles you will find there, take a look at today’s featured article. If you like what you see, be sure to read Savignano’s book, What Brother Garfield Knew, available through

In the early 1920’s a certain poor boy would rise every morning before school and deliver produce for the family to sell.  At night he could hear …

Aspiration, Preparation, Realization

That Time the USA Accidentally Launched a Missile at Mexico

Even the best-intentioned friend can make a mistake. If you borrow your buddy’s car and accidentally scratch the paint, it’s embarrassing. If in your excitement at a ball game, you wave your arm and mistakenly slap your pal in the next seat, you feel horrible. Fortunately, the goodwill between friends goes a long way toward…

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The Presidency and Proctoscopes

No president had a greater battle with the press than Richard Nixon. He blamed the media for treating him unfairly throughout his political career and made no secret about it. He summed up his views when he said, “I’ve talked to people in the media… and they say, ‘But it’s the responsibility of the media…

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How Did Pepsi End Up With the 6th Largest Navy in the World?

In the never-ending battle for market share, Pepsi has consistently taken second place against its rival, Coca-Cola. Fortunately, the rivalry between the companies has been limited to commerce. Had it broken out into an actual shooting war, there’s no question Pepsi would have emerged as the industry’s lone superpower. Its victory would be assured simply…

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