I Have a Banana, And I’m Not Afraid to Use It!

banana gun

Nathan Channing was arrested after pointing a banana at two Mesa County, Colorado Sheriff’s deputies, both of whom thought it was a gun.

Under the category of “Truth is Stranger Than Fiction,” it should be noted that Channing is a native of Fruitvale, and one of the deputies is named Bunch.


Does This Look Like the Face of a Guy Who Paid a Wizard $500 to Make Him Invisible So He Could Rob Banks Undetected?

( Never trust strangers. That is something most of us were taught by our parents or guardians at an early stage of our life, especially if the stranger says he is a sorcerer who can turn you invisible whilst you rob a bank! Unfortunately, for one man in Iran, he made the mistake of trusting…

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A Friend of Petty Criminals, Prostitutes and/or Republicans

From the obituary of Louis J. Casimir Jr.: Louis J. Casimir Jr. bought the farm Thursday, Feb. 5, 2004, having lived more than twice as long as he had expected and probably three or four times as long as he deserved. Although he was born into an impecunious family, in a backward and benighted part…

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