Nerd Humor for Punny Chemists

bug off

A mosquito was heard to complain,
“A chemist has poisoned my brain!”
The cause of his sorrow
Was paradichloro-

paradichlorotriphenyldichloroethane is an insecticide, closely related to dichlorotriphenyldichloroethane, more commonly known as DDD

Nerds Everywhere Thank Dr. Seuss

The first printed modern English use of the word nerd appeared in the Dr. Seuss book If I Ran the Zoo: And then, just to show them, I’ll sail to Ka-Troo And Bring Back an It-Kutch, a Preep, and a Proo, A Nerkle, a Nerd, and a Seersucker too!” source

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Nerd Humor

The following equation can be expressed as a limerick. Can you figure it out? Here it is: Integral z-squared dz from 1 to the cube root of 3 times the cosine of three pi over 9 equals log of the cube root of ‘e’.

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Revenge of the Nerds

MIT students derive great pleasure from tormenting their rivals at Harvard. Our favorite prank of theirs occurred during the 1982 Harvard-Yale football game when a weather balloon emblazoned with the letters “MIT” began emerging from the ground near the 50-yard line. In the preceding days, a group of MIT students snuck into Harvard Stadium and…

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