Surviving With This Degree May Require “A Little Help From My Friends”

If you are still trying to decide what you want to do when you grow up, and you don’t want to be a “Day Tripper” or a “Paperback Writer”, and if your idea of a perfect college experience is listening to a lot of music, you might consider getting a master’s degree as a Beatles Historian. 

Liverpool Hope University in England offers just such an opportunity. Located in the hometown of rock and roll’s most famous and successful band, it decided, “We Can Work it Out,” and created the Beatles Historian program in 2009. Students in the “Beatles, Popular Music and Society” discipline study the band’s cultural, musical, and historical impact on the world of music.  

You will need more than the spare change you find on “Penny Lane.” Tuition is £4,800 ($7,284) for UK residents and  £ 5,800 (or $8,800) for international students per semester. It can be completed in 24 months for those who want to take “The Long and Winding Road” but can be accelerated to 12 months for those who don’t want to stay in “Strawberry Fields Forever” —  although some may need to work “Eight Days a Week.”

The program is new enough that it is yet to be demonstrated just what kind of demand there is in the workplace for graduates armed with a degree in the Fab Four. Parents of graduates are likely hoping it will be sooner than “When I’m 64” when their children move out of the house. 


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