Radioactive Fallout? No Problem… Just Grab a Paper Towel

Civil Defense About Fallout Helpful Tips

The 1963 film About Fallout (watch the film here) produced by the Office of Civil Defense offers helpful advice to anyone who might be concerned about radioactive fallout after a nuclear attack.

Among the helpful tidbits are these gems:

  • When possible, rinse the fallout off your potatoes before consuming them.
  • How to open food packages that are covered in fallout dust:
    “If water for washing is in short supply, canned goods that may have been exposed to fallout may be handled safely with a piece of paper towel.”
  • “There is another widespread legend, the fear that fallout spells death to all life on earth. The plain fact is that even if a great number of nuclear weapons were exploded, the resulting fallout would cover only a small area of the world’s total land mass.”
  • “If there is a nuclear attack and you survive the initial explosion, you will have at least a half hour to get to a public or home fallout shelter.”
  • “If you’re among those compelled to travel throughout a fallout area on essential errands, there are certain rules to follow. Protect your body with boots and rubbers, gloves headgear and outer clothing that can be removed before you enter the shelter.”
  • “Recovery from radiation sickness is nothing new. Patients
    who are treated by x-rays routinely experience this sickness and get over it.”
  • “You can get over radiation sickness, just as you get over many others [sicknesses].”

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