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Beardstown deed in rhyme

Legal documents tend to be a bit dry and uninteresting, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. The following is a deed recorded in the County Recorder’s Office in Beardstown, Illinois:

J. Henry Shaw To Charles E. Wyman

Deed, filed for Record August 9th, 1881 at One O’clock P.M. Ferris E. Downing Recorder.

I, J. Henry Shaw, the Grantor herein,
Who lives at Beardstown, Cass County within.

For seven hundred dollars to me paid today,
To Charles E Wyman do sell and convey.

Lot two (2) in Block forty (40), said county and town,
Where Illinois River flows placidly down.

And warrant the title forever and aye,
Waiving homestead and mansion, to both a good bye.

And pledging this deed is valid in Law,
I add here my signature, J. Henry Shaw (seal)

This was further attested to by the justice of the peace:

I, Sylvester Emmons, who lives at Beardstown,
A Justice of Peace of fame and renown.

Of the County of Cass and Illinois State,
Do certify here that on this same date,

One J. Henry Shaw to me did make known,
That the deed above and name are his own.

And he stated he sealed and delivered the same
Voluntarily, freely, and never would claim

His homestead therein; but left all alone,
Turned his face to the street and his back to his home.

August 1 st. AD 1881  S Emmons J.P. (seal)

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