North Korea Discovers Unicorn Lair — Still Unable to Find Food for Its People

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Although it is officially the second century in North Korea, that doesn’t mean the Hermit Kingdom isn’t capable of groundbreaking discoveries. This point was driven home in 2012 when North Korea’s official state news agency announced the discovery of unicorn lair.North Korea’s official state news agency is the place to go for reports ranging from the reclusive totalitarian state’s unparalleled scientific achievements to the limitless love which its inhabitants reserve for their leaders. (Check out NK News for some great examples.)

Once in a while, you can count on the news agency to reveal some truly groundbreaking news. Just such an event occurred in 2012 when the Korean Central News Agency broke the news that archaeologists in Pyongyang have discovered a unicorn’s lair.

According to the reporters, scientists unearthed the lair of one of the unicorns ridden by the ancient Korean King Tongmyong, founder of a kingdom which ruled parts of China and the Korean peninsula from the 3rd century BC to 7th century AD. The site was discovered near a temple in Pyongyang. It was identified by “A rectangular rock carved with words ‘Unicorn Lair.'”

This discovery is fortuitous, in light of earlier reports by the news agency that former supreme leader Kim Jong Il was born beneath a double rainbow and that a new star appeared in the heavens at the moment of his birth. The same news agency also proclaimed the news that North Korean scientists had created a drug that could cure AIDS, MERS, and Ebola all at once. The discovery of the unicorn lair should not be all that remarkable, all things considered.

The news report states that the discovery of the unicorn lair “proves that Pyongyang was the capital city of Ancient Korea.

Now that this discovery has been duly recorded, perhaps the nation’s scientists will focus their efforts on finding food for their starving population, where an estimated 20 percent of the 22 million people are malnourished and where as many as 3.5 million died of starvation in the years between 1994 and 1998.

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