School Holds Girls For Debt

It’s the little things that show up in our research that are often the most intriguing.

For reasons we can’t seem to remember, our Research Department found itself pursuing Washington, D.C.’s Evening Star of October 6, 1932. We found an interesting article concerning the adoption of a baby girl by Hollywood couple Frederic March and Florence Eldridge. There was also a piece about how Peter “Dynamite Pete” Cunniff was abandoning his career as a bomber because he “wasn’t getting any place” despite placing more than 200 bombs.

Washington, D.C.'s Evening Star of October 6, 1932

Then, almost as an afterthought, is a little snippet entitled “School Holds Girls for Debt.” There we learn:

Because parents failed to pay the fees for pupils in a school for girls in Torda in Transylvania, the school managers have sent notice to the parents that the pupils would be returned as soon as the school bills are paid. Most of the fathers are government employees, and they replied that they would be glad to settle as soon as they received their salary,
which is a year in arrears. All fathers declared that the school could keep the girls if it would take good care of them.

Despite our best efforts, we were unable to find any additional information about this situation. We don’t know how long it took (or if it ever happened) for the girls to be returned to their parents. Based upon the sentiments expressed in the final sentence, we suspect that some of the girls might still be in the school’s custody today, ninety years after the article was printed.

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