John Wayne on Life’s Gray Areas

“If everything isn’t black and white, I say, ‘Why the hell not?’”

— John Wayne

How a John Wayne Movie Killed Nearly Half of its Cast and Crew

In terms of its artistic legacy, The Conqueror leaves much to be desired. Routinely making the listing of “The Worst Movies Ever Made,” the 1956 movie starring John Wayne was an unfortunate blemish on the Duke’s acting reputation. The film depicts the rise of Genghis Khan, giving a fanciful backdrop to the founder of the…

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When Stalin wanted to kill John Wayne

Originally posted on History of Sorts:
No this is not the title of a movie, but why this never was turned into a movie is beyond me. Joseph Stalin wanted John Wayne gone so badly he sent two men to pose as FBI agents to take him down.It might come as a surprise that Joseph…

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One Sure Thing….

“You know nothing for sure…except the fact that you know nothing for sure.” — John F. Kennedy Read more fun facts about President John F. Kennedy. Read fun facts about philosophy and philosophers.

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