Overheard at the Convention of Cool-Talking Chemists

What can we say? Even cool-talking chemists learn to just say no to any offer of sodium hypobromite.

Nerd Humor for Punny Chemists

A mosquito was heard to complain,”A chemist has poisoned my brain!”The cause of his sorrowWas paradichloro-triphenyldichloroethane. paradichlorotriphenyldichloroethane is an insecticide, closely related to dichlorotriphenyldichloroethane, more commonly known as DDD

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Pray That Your Nose Never Knows This Putrid Perfume

What most offends your olfactory senses? Week-old dirty running socks? Rotten eggs? A well-ripened dirty diaper? Think of the odor that curls your nose hairs and sends you into fits of revulsion. Now forget about it, because the stinkiest thing you have ever encountered is like the finest perfume compared to the world’s smelliest substance.

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The Brilliant Physicist Who Caused Destruction Wherever He Went

They say everyone has the capacity of bringing happiness in every location. Some do so by showing up. Others cause happiness by leaving. As far as his colleagues were concerned, Wolfgang Pauli fell in the latter category. This brilliant pioneer in quantum mechanics had such a propensity to cause mayhem in the experiments of others…

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