A Slice of Birthday Gruesomeness 

Danish children celebrate their birthdays by receiving a “cakeman.” The festive dessert is a cake baked and decorated to resemble the birthday child. 

After blowing out the candles, the birthday boy or girl gets to sit in wide-eyed wonder as he or she is symbolically decapitated and disembowled and guests feast upon the sugary entrails. 

Try the Seafood Dish That Is Both Dead and Alive

Physicists are familiar with the concept of Schrödinger’s Cat — a creature that can be described as being simultaneously dead and alive. Most of us can relate to having been served undercooked meat that makes us wonder if the food on the plate still has a pulse. Both concepts come together for those who are…

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The First Turkey Pardoned By a President

The U.S. Constitution gives the President virtually unlimited authority to grant pardons to anyone facing federal charges. Except for William Henry Harrison and James Garfield, all of the nation’s chief executives have exercised that privilege. Each time the President intervenes and wipes someone’s record clean, it has generated controversy and accusations of playing politics. Well,…

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Study Finds Poor Writing, Not Legalese, Makes Legal Documents Difficult

According to the Commonplace Fun Facts Legal Department, one of the first things they teach in law school is, “Never use one word where ten will suffice.” Actually, what they told us was, “We practitioners of jurisprudence make a prodigious effort ad infinitum to ascertain and articulate through the lexicon peculiar to the practitioners of…

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