Furniture for the Truly Special Occasions

Queen Elizabeth II throne room

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip’s thrones (upper left), the Throne Room of Buckingham Palace (upper right), and the only time the Queen’s throne has been used (lower right).

To be a monarch means that you have a throne. Most traditional concepts of kings and queens are indelibly connected to the throne, the ultimate seat of power. Queen Elizabeth II has a Throne Room in Buckingham Palace. Appropriately enough, the focal point of the room is her throne. Right beside it is the throne for Prince Phillip. Curiously enough, the Queen has used that throne only once, on the occasion of her coronation on June 2, 1953.

She actually has multiple thrones that are used for different occasions, including one at the House of Lords and two at Westminster Abbey.

She also used more than one throne at her coronation. She was crowned on King Edward’s Chair, used by all English and British monarchs for their coronation since the 14th century, with the exception of Mary II. Edward’s Chair contains the Stone of Destiny, the ancient stone upon which the Scottish kings have been crowned. Edward’s Chair is kept at Edinburgh Castle in Scotland and is moved to London only for coronations. Also used was the Homage Throne, which is kept in the Garter Throne Room of Windsor Castle.

King Edward's chair throne

Queen Elizabeth II on King Edward’s Chair at her coronation on June 2, 1953.

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