If You Know Your Latin at Vatican ATM’s, Dominus Providebit

Vatican Automatic Teller Machines in Latin Institute for the Works of Religion

The Vatican Bank (officially known as the Institute for the Works of Religion) is the only bank in the world that allows the user to select “Latin” as the language of choice.

Dominus providebit — the Lord will provide.

How to Recognize a Logical Fallacy — Part 1

Reasoned, civil discourse is increasingly a thing of the past. Rather than analyze disagreements through some rational filter, social media seems to encourage the debate strategy of screaming loud enough to drown out any competing view. One of the most common methods of debate is the use of a logical fallacy. A logical fallacy is…

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What Does Lorem Ipsum Mean and Why Does it Show Up Everywhere?

“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua….” No, this isn’t the beginning of some weird, cultish chant. The Lorem ipsum passage is one of the most common quotes in every form of publishing. It shows up in books, advertising, magazines, and almost every…

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Why Grammar Nerds Get Sick to Their Stomachs When You Say You Are Nauseous

Have you ever used the excuse of staying home, saying, “I feel nauseous”? You probably meant that you weren’t feeling well, and that is the way most people interpreted your words. It’s also possible that a well-meaning friend corrected you by saying, “I think you mean ‘nauseated.’” Using the proper form of the word may…

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